2023 How much is the popular trend of spring and summer

In 2023, the fashion trend was announced after experiencing many places and many fashion shows. The quarterly trend signal was confirmed, and the new trend of unique attitude appeared.

Compared with the past, the expression of "beauty" in the 2023 spring and summer fashion inspiration show is significantly more diversified. Even if "retro" still occupies the main line, "creativity" has begun to break the restrictions of environmental and technical.

Any so -called new creativity is actually derived from the re -combined sorting of the former thoughts, elements, or frameworks, approaching them, reading them, and the first to perceive the vitality given by fashion.

Focus A

Dopamine wear: colorful big bang

Most brands focusing the fashion impression in the dexterous and vivid color matching in the 2023 spring and summer series, especially the colorful hair such as yellow, orange, red, and pink that boosted emotions. The sweetness and sweetness brought by it continued to show fashion charm with a strong visual impact.

The uniqueness of this "dopamine wearing" is not only brainless colors, but also seeking coordination in the style of "color bang". Or it is cold and cold, or the impact of bright saturation colors and low saturation colors, showing a pleasant visual effect in a more practical way.

In summary, the "dopamine wearing" in the spring and summer 2023 pays more attention to the balance of color. It is not blindly pursuing the accumulation of high brightness or saturation. Essence

Focus B

Leisure formal outfit: natural and agile casual lines

The comfort of the styling dress this season is also the design points pursued by the designer. The natural and smart lines make the clothing more suitable for daily dressing, so that the expression of "beauty" is no longer limited to the "curve".

This season is very worthy of mentioning items. It is a loose suit. It is comfortable and can create a casual shape. The trend of leisure formation is reflected in the three major fashion weeks. I believe that it will not be outdated in the short term. The fashionable essence of related items before can continue to exert the remaining heat. It is recommended to try boldly if they have not started.

Focus C

A sense of quantity silhouette: Create a personality relaxation

The outline of portrayal and form is infinitely enlarged by the designer in the 2023 spring and summer women's clothing series, and various profiles are launched to form clothes. Unlike the previous tough -based silhouette, many brands this season use transparent tulle materials or lace, etc. As key fabrics, combined with hollow cutting, underwear strap elements, low waist and other shapes to create a dramatic silhouette with fluffy and quantitative sense.

In addition, popular accessories also develop in the direction of vector sensing. Large earrings and crude necklaces will be popular, showing a certain type of fashion form.

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