The more casual, the more fashionable! This popular trend is too comfortable


What is AthFlow? In fact, Athflow is a word combined with Athleisure and Flow, that is, leisure sports style.
Athflow has these characteristics:
Loose version
Comfortable material
Simple design
Elegant color
Casual sports shoes elements

The rise of leisure sports style has a certain relationship with the longer time of most people's home due to Yi feelings. However, it does not mean that it is decadent, but injects a bit of elegance, and is still decent when working at home. (I didn’t expect it to be hot now)

Even if the activity goes out, this simple dress is enough to cope with it, it looks more casual, and it will be lazy at will.

It seems that even if you do not dress carefully, you can also wear very fashionable effects.

Create a high -end sports style single product


The current sports style is not the very single style before. The following editors will give you some of the sports style items!

1. Set up

The hottest way to wear sportswear is a set of wearing, which is convenient and easy to match. It is definitely the first choice for lazy people.

If you think it is still a bit cold now, then put a coat outside, and it is fashionable and can ensure comfort.

2. Sweater

If you want to wear comfortable and fashionable, the sweater is the most suitable. Whether wearing alone or in a jacket, it looks good.

When wearing a single dress, it is super harmonious with all kinds of bottoms.

There is also the most lazy and classic way of wearing it is sweater+trousers, a pair of small white shoes, full of leisure sports models.

But here, everyone should pay attention to avoiding too fluffy and wide sweats. Such a sweater will make you look stronger and cover the curve.

3. knitting

The knitwear is soft, comfortable and warm on the upper body, which fully meets people's requirements for home style. However, in the AthFlow wind, the sweater is relatively loose, and it can create a lazy and casual Feel.

Because of the characteristics of the fabric, the knitted set is softer and glutinous and lazy, and the girls are wearing super temperament and nobleness and gentleness.

The soft knitted top is matched with loose trousers. It is a warm and comfortable home dress. It is also appropriate to wear it.

It is also not complicated in the matching formula, and it is still mixed with the coat, which is enough to wear a style.

4. Sports style accessories

If after reading the above items, everyone does not dare to try it easily, the entry -level sports style shoes bag and accessories are definitely zero threshold ~

The easiest to start with sports shoes

In recent years, the fisherman hat and baseball cap that everyone loves is also synonymous with coolness. It is a perfect match with leisure sports style!

Sports hair bands can also add points to the styling!

The reason why the sports style can be so hot now is that the eyes are bright in front of the shape, and the main thing is his refreshing and neat, giving people a full feeling. Fairy, don't quickly restore your vitality index and move!

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