Use clothing to interpret female charm and be his own fashion queen

As the saying goes: "People rely on clothing, Buddhas rely on gold", "three points depend on looks, and seven points depend on dressing." For women, clothes are the magic stick of women, a charming side, and a weapon to enhance charm.

This is also what the original designer Lola has been pursuing. Rora, a new era woman who built dreams for countless women, is committed to making a fashion hacker with a changeable fashion circle, redefining women's beauty with clothing, and interpreting different feminine charm.

As Rolla said: "Our life is like the password of the password. God has taken away the box password, and I want to be a hacker of God. Through clothing, I will return you the original password to you. "

In order to have a more accurate understanding of fashion, and to design more clothing works that show more feminine charm, Ralla has studied in the fashion capital Milan for many years. After returning to China, he established a high-end women's clothing brand in Hong Kong in 2016, Loorapwd.

Everyone knows that the clothing industry is changing with each passing day, and it is not easy to stand firmly in this industry. However, with the unique insights of clothing and the keenness of fashion, Rolla used a place in the fashion circle in just 4 years, and also created a proud achievement of over 100 million sales.

The Rora password was booming, but Rora still looked like a clockwork. He was busy with work all day. He also published a number of original design themes: "The Feast of the King", "Soul Master", "Awakening" and "Wake" and " "Dawn", etc., each theme contains women's independence and freedom, advocates them to be their unique themselves, show off their wonderful life, and be their own queen.

This year is the fourth year of the Lola password, and it is also a year of accumulation. Rlax believes that any accumulation will not be futile, and the future of the Rolla password is destined to shine.

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